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Co-Founder and CEO at Cloaked

Senior Technology Advisor at Creative Chaos

Arjun is a venture capitalist, a product designer, solutions architect & senior. developer, and an innovator. From directing movies to researching nanotechnology to building a prosthetic hand for a 3 year old, he is excited about the cross-section of technology and education.

He loves working on innovative projects in many different fields of technology and has vast knowledge in over 15 different programming languages. Arjun has designed quite a few inventions/gadgets, and made many of his own productions in fields such as film, web design, apps, games, and backend infrastructure and algorithm design. He has experience in numerous fields ranging from art design to business, and has worked immensely in the field of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Networking/Data Infrastructures. Visit Arjun’s website here:

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