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CE 11 Mentor Information

Mentorship is an integral part of the Lemann Program on Creativity and Entrepreneurship. We encourage freedom of expression and open communication between mentees (students or student teams) and mentors while asking everyone to follow our Expectations for Engagement. Simply stated, sessions with mentors should be respectful and productive. Please review the document that is relevant to you.

“I had a great mentorship session with [my mentor] given our shared interests regarding public sector effectiveness. The conversation lasted about thirty minutes and felt like a student-professor office hours session. [My mentor] offered some relevant academic readings and ideas for my venture. I was very happy that [my mentor] seemed to agree with my general diagnosis of the problem my venture is looking to solve; this was, in itself, a good demand validation exercise. [My mentor] experience at HBS definitely helped root the conversation in both academic work and direct application.”

CE 11 Student Spring 2023

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