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The StudioLabs

The Entrepreneurship StudioLabs are the place where our students turn ideas gleaned from their education into ventures that tackle societal issues. We are a haven for the cross-pollination of thinking and creativity between students, faculty, subject experts, and industry practitioners. These StudioLabs are designed to cultivate student ideas from their initial generation to launching them in the form of entrepreneurial ventures. You know that gap between the academy and the workplace? We bridge it. We apply the intellectual horsepower of Harvard students to real-world problems. Expect transformative results.

CE 11 - Spring 2023

Formerly offered as LPCE 102 in Spring 2022
CE 11 is a 4 credit StudioLab designed for students with existing ventures in the early stages of development with the goal of launching the venture by term’s end. The target student will have conceived and prototyped a solution to an intractable problem in an effort to create a “better normal.”
Using an interdisciplinary exploration of the liberal arts, you will develop and apply transformative ideas to tackle today’s societal challenges such as racial injustice, climate change, and strained health and wellbeing. You will work to execute your actionable solutions to pressing issues. You will learn to properly analyze your identified problem; work to collaboratively ideate and create an actionable plan of execution; build a scaling strategy and marketing plan; network with experts for fundraising advice; and persuasively communicate your venture to build the requisite human capital and funding relationships to launch your venture​

CE 10 -  Fall 2022

Formerly offered as LPCE 101 in Fall 2021
A four-credit StudioLab teaching creativity and entrepreneurship basics with an exciting new guest-speaker list. This StudioLab is for students who have the desire and enthusiasm to face global challenges but are unsure of HOW to enact that change. Through CE 10, students will develop the analytical mindset and innovative skillset required to create actionable solutions to pressing issues. Students will learn to identify and analyze problems, collaborate to create an actionable approach, build an organizational strategy and business plan, network with experts, and persuasively communicate ideas to build the requisite human capital and funding relationships to launch a venture. Through your efforts, you will reimagine a better normal for society and take meaningful action to make it a reality.
Check out our syllabus on the Course Canvas and come to our info session on Monday, 08/22/2022 10:30-11 AM ET using the Zoom link on our Canvas page. 
Scheduled guest speakers for CE 10 in the fall:
Teguo Djoyum
CEO, Global Organization of Health Education (GOHE)
Erin Stern
CEO and President, Camp Casco
Emily Young
CEO and Co-Founder, Moving Health
Jeff Bartel
Chairman and Managing Director, Hamptons Group
Sarah Newman
Director of Art & Education, metaLAB at Harvard and Co-Founder, Data Nutrition Project

Dean Hunt Lambert
Dean Emeritus, Harvard Extension School and Continuing Education
Erika Bailey
Head of Voice and Speech, American Repertory Theater at Harvard University
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