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Apr 21, 2022

How to Leverage Your “Marginalized” Identities to Advance Your Mission as a Social Entrepreneur

Marinel M. de Jesus, Esq. is the founder of the award-winning travel media site, Brown Gal Trekker, the mountain trekking social enterprise, Equity Global Treks, and the human rights non-profit organization, The Porter Voice Collective. In this talk, she will share her journey as a social entrepreneur with a mission to create equity and inclusion in the outdoor and travel industries and how her identity as an Asian American woman and immigrant intersects with her work in a manner that only advances her mission further. From this workshop, you’ll gain insight into the current status of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoor and travel industries, learn the ways you can be a strong and effective advocate for social change, and harness the power of your lived experiences as they connect to your marginalized identities in order to transform yourself into a unique, powerful and authentic social entrepreneur and change-maker.

Apr 14, 2022

Asian American Entrepreneurship Panel

In this panel, we are excited to have Andrew Fung, Richie Le, and Sandro Roco join us to share their first-hand experience as entrepreneurs utilizing various creative spaces to advocate for the Asian American community. Through this panel, we will discuss questions around the startup journey, the high points and low points of their entrepreneurship experience, lessons learned, identity, representation, and more. Come prepared with your questions, and we cannot wait for you to join us for this lively panel discussion!

Mar 31, 2022

From Student to Social Impact CEO with Kelly Twichel of Access Trax

In this session, award-winning founder Kelly Twichel shares the story of how as a student, she co-invented a product to solve a world-wide problem, got a taste of entrepreneurship and never looked back. You’ll get an inside look into the plot twists, challenges and wins of startup life. Kelly spares no subject as she discusses what it has taken for her to be successful thus far- knowledge you can use for your own ventures. Brand purpose, relationships, mindset, and fundraising are all touched upon. Join us for this interactive session March 31st and submit questions before and during the event!

Feb 25, 2022

No-code Tools for Building your Startup with Max Mirho

In this workshop on no-code tools for building your startup, you'll learn about what the no-code space is, and about some of the tools you can use to build technology products without learning an entire programming language. This workshop will be beneficial and fun for all!

Feb 10, 2022

How to Navigate the Unspoken Rules of Networking with Gorick Ng

Does the idea of networking make you shiver? Gorick Ng, Harvard College and HBS grad turned Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of The Unspoken Rules, will deconstruct how to send cold emails, small talk, and asking for introductions down to step-by-step techniques that you can apply immediately to get what you want professionally. Register using this link:
For more information on Gorick, please visit his website at

Jan 14, 2022

LPCE 102 Informational Session

LPCE102 is a 4 credit StudioLab designed for students with existing ventures in the early stages of development with the goal of launching the venture by term’s end. The target student will have conceived and prototyped a solution to an intractable problem in an effort to create a “better normal.”
Using an interdisciplinary exploration of the liberal arts, you will develop and apply transformative ideas to tackle today’s societal challenges such as racial injustice, climate change, and strained health and wellbeing. You will work to execute your actionable solutions to pressing issues. You will learn to properly analyze your identified problem; work to collaboratively ideate and create an actionable plan of execution; build a scaling strategy and marketing plan; network with experts for fundraising advice; and persuasively communicate your venture to build the requisite human capital and funding relationships to launch your venture.

Dec 6, 2021

End-of-Semester Celebration!

Where can young creatives go to tackle societal issues through interdisciplinary collaboration? What about an electronic medical database that enables continuity of care in lower-resourced countries? How can we support job opportunities for people with disabilities? Learn the answers to these questions and more at our Fall 2021 LPCE Showcase on Monday, December 6th from 10:30am-12pm ET! 

From redistributing local food products at affordable prices to empowering small farms through micro-investment, you won’t want to miss the creative solutions these students have to offer. This virtual festival will showcase both our LPCE101 students’ final projects as well as our Project Support Program students’ social impact ventures. Join us in celebrating our students’ incredible work!

Nov 15, 2021

David Postolski - Intellectual Property Overview

David Postolski, a partner at Gearhart Law, is a registered patent attorney and Intellectual Property attorney. With over 17 years’ experience, David specializes in assisting inventors, creators, artists, start-ups, entrepreneurs, early stage companies and emerging companies with their U.S and International intellectual property strategy, protection, enforcement and monetization. He is a frequent speaker and author on intellectual property issues surrounding emerging technologies (cannabis, crypto currency, 3d printing, gig economy), raising capital, business formation, licensing, and reward and equity based crowd funding.

Nov 8, 2021

Katrina Hagedorn '20 - Pitch Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to give you inside knowledge about what investors look for in a pitch and a hands-on workshop where you can get our feedback on your 20-second elevator pitch. Through studio labs and mentoring, our students develop the entrepreneurial skills and industry connections to move from ideation to solid concept to actionable proposal.

Oct 29, 2021

Max Mirho from EntrepreNerd - No-code tools for building your startup

Max Mirho has taught entrepreneurship to students and professionals around the world by giving them the tools to experiment rapidly. He started creating and building tiny businesses publicly on the internet around 3 years ago through a live stream called EntrepreNerd, and through the recent boom in "no-code", he’s been able to tackle much larger startup ideas and help make tech entrepreneurship accessible to students from every background. In this session, you'll learn about what the no-code space is, and about some of the tools you can use to build technology products without learning an entire programming language. Not only that, but your development time for a finished prototype will drop from months to around a week at most. You'll learn about how to create anything on the web, from landing pages to full websites. You'll also be able to develop mobile apps, chrome extensions, and web apps - and publish them anywhere.

Oct 21, 2021

Trivia & Networking

Come on down to the LPCE Trivia & Networking Night! Between the fun and games, don't miss this chance to connect with other members of the LPCE community! Featuring Felipe's burritos and hot chocolate!

Oct 14, 2021

Inside Innovation

What ignites you? How does curiosity become inspiration?

At the Harvard i-lab, we love every kind of ‘aha!’ moment. And at Inside Innovation on Thursday, October 14, we celebrate the creative ideas and innovative perspectives developing all across Harvard, from entrepreneurship to innovation, from art to venture creation. What happens when those perspectives are all in the same room?