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October 3, 2023

[EXTERNAL] Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Brazilian Favelas: The Work of G10 das Favelas

Time: 5 - 7:30 PM ET

Join us to learn about how G10 das Favelas, a Brazilian NGO inspired by the Group of Seven (G7), works to enact social innovation and change across ten of Brazil´s largest favelas and beyond. G10 leaders will discuss some of their initiatives, challenges, and future aspirations. 

A reception with food and drinks will be offered after the presentation for the audience to network with G10 das Favelas´ leaders.

Location: CGIS South, Tsai Auditorium; 1730 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02138

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October 5, 2023

Entrepreneurship in Psychology: Harnessing Group Connections for Innovation and Business Success

Time: 5 - 6 PM ET

Dr. Bobbi Wegner will be hosting a talk titled "Entrepreneurship in Psychology: Harnessing Group Connections for Innovation and Business Success" focused on how to use group psychology to deepen connection in the most disconnected era of work (and life). She will share some high level ideas around how group psychology can be used to help people in all organizations deepen connection so they feel and perform their best, but she will spend much of her time sharing about what it is like building a global, AI-integrated business that has humans and human connection at the center. She is a psychologist, international speaker, author, board member, lecturer at Harvard in both The School of Education and The Extension School (IO Psychology Program), and spends most of her time as founder and CEO of Groops, a workforce development platform that helps people in organizations deepen connection so they feel and perform their best.


Mount Auburn Room; Second Floor, Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center; 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138

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October 19, 2023

Empowering Authentic Personal Branding in The Digital Age

Time: 7 - 8 PM ET

Join Gigi Robinson as she brings a masterclass on Personal Branding to Harvard on October 19th. This will be an evening you wont want to miss as she dives into everything you need to know about scaling a brand on Social Media, continuing education after Undergrad, health advocacy and how that ties into brand storytelling individually for a company.


Science Center Hall B, 1 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA 02138

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