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Sam Magee

Director on Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Contact Information

Director on Creativity and Entrepreneurship, located in the Office for Undergraduate Education, Sam works to connect education-innovation and creative-entrepreneurship communities. Previously, he was the Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard University for HILT's Operation Impact, an arts administrator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Creative Entrepreneurship lecturer at Boston University, and a school teacher and arts department chair. He independently consults on education innovation and arts education integration best practices via his arts and education startups, he advises multiple arts and education ventures, and serves on several start-up and arts-admin boards.

Cognitive Science-based Curriculums
Alternative Education, focusing on how to learn rather than what to learn
Trans-disciplinary Collaboration
Creating and Facilitating Creation
Innovation Consulting
Sustainability and Addressing Environmental Issues
Cultivating Openness and Critical Thinking Skills
Sailing, Yoga, and Dance

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