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Amina Salahou

LPCE Fellow

Contact Information

Amina Salahou is a member of the class of 2025 at Harvard, studying History and Science and pursuing a secondary in Computer Science, her academic interest aligns with her passion for social justice, and in her ideal future, she is utilizing education as a vessel to solve social issues youth face.

Amina is originally from Syracuse, NY, and remains immersed in her community in Syracuse and Harvard. Back home in Syracuse, Amina spent time working with Syracuse City Hall, where she worked as a data and innovation intern. This experience sparked her interest in local government organizations.

On campus, Amina is the founder of Harvard College Girl Up, she is also involved with Women In Business, The Institute of Politics, Harvard History of Science: Synthesis Journal, Women's Club Lacrosse, Harvard Alumni for Global Women Empowerment, and the Harvard MA Menstrual Equity Coalition.

Baking & cooking  
Exploring Cities
Fashion and style
Physical movement (Pilates, yoga, running)

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