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The LPCE and REEF present:
The Marine Debris Fashion Challenge

The LPCE and REEF Marine Debris Fashion Challenge is a fashion show that celebrates artistic student teams and promotes ocean conservation and sustainability. Artists and creatives from across Harvard will create wearable fashion made of marine debris, which will be modeled on the runway at the SEAS building during FounderCrush, April 26th.


In addition, teams will create an AR aspect, using, to each fashion creation calling attention to the plight of our oceans. The AR will be captured on cards, prints, a coffee table book that will support ocean health and Harvard’s artistic students eager to make a difference. 


January   23      Spring semester starts

February 9        Marine Debris Launch Party at the SEC

February 23      Submissions due 

February 27      Week of MakerSpace & Artivive orientations

March      22      Big check-in and photoshoot

April        26      Marine Debris reveal at FounderCrush

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