About Us

Developed by Robert Lue and funded by Brazilian investor Jorge Paulo Lemann '61, the Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program, based in Harvard's Office of Undergraduate Education, prepares Harvard students to take the lead in solving global challenges by fostering entrepreneurial thinking within liberal arts education. 

Inspired by ideas emerging from the arts and sciences, the LPCE students address current problems, such as global health, climate change, or social injustice. Through studio labs and mentoring, students develop the entrepreneurial skills and industry connections to move from ideation to solid concept to actionable proposal. 

One key aspect of the program involves learning from and networking with members of the LPCE mentor council, which includes alumni, faculty, and leaders in private business, nonprofits, and the public sector. Another vital component is the Festival of Ideas, an end-of-semester showcase and entrepreneurship hackathon that casts disciplinary silos aside, draws potential investors to mingle with the wider Harvard community, and allows the LPCE students to take the stage as change agents.

Meet The Team

Sam Magee

Director on Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Marina Watanabe

LPCE Fellow

Sandra Mwangi

LPCE Fellow

Dr. Alain Viel

Course Head LPCE101

Amy Shi

LPCE Fellow

Susan Hunt

Department Administrator

Maria Guo

Program Manager, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Hanna Davies

LPCE Fellow